Dolby Development


“When a lot of friends describe their home renovation project, they make it sound like one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives.  Ours was rewarding, exciting and actually very fun.”

– S. Bickford, Northfield

“Josh is like family to us because he treats his clients like family. He is responsive, patient, easy to be around, and eager to figure out solutions when problems arise. Echo Development’s staff and tradesmen are also very professional.

They renovated all of our bathrooms, our basement, kitchen and garage, performed extensive electrical work, and replaced or finished the hardwood floors in many areas of our house. ”

– The Meyers Family, Winnetka

“Through the last thirty years we have met, hired and worked with countless craftsmen, tradesmen, contractors, labors, architects, designers, decorators, etc. It is often difficult to get just the right people who understand the problem-solving skills necessary and inherent in tearing apart and restoring an older home.  Dolby Development fits the bill.”

– C. Doherty, Chicago